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Pre-Construction Services

Pre-construction services are an essential part of every construction project. A projects ultimate success starts with proper planning, budgeting and coordination between the client, contractor and design team. It is a vital part of ensuring a smooth transition into construction. DCS has an experienced staff that understands this important role and offers a full range of pre-construction services including the following:

  • Site inspection to review existing conditions
  • Plan Review
  • Preliminary Budgets
  • Preliminary Construction Schedules
  • Identify Long Lead Items
  • Provide Value engineering
  • Provided Detailed Bid Proposal
  • Permit application and acquisition

Site Inspection - Review Existing Conditions
Whether it is a vacant site for a base building or an existing building for a tenant build-out a site inspection is very important. DCS will perform the site inspection and offer the client and the design team suggestions on the best means of construction. This process can help save time as well as construction costs.

Plan Review
DCS likes to work closely with the client and the design team. We review plans carefully to ensure they meet code requirements as well as the clients design intent. During this process DCS is able provide the client with any potential problems we may see in the design, request clarifications from the design team on any items that may be ambiguous and offer cost saving ideas. By providing a thorough plan review early on DCS is able to save time during the construction process.

Prepare Preliminary Budgets
DCS has extensive experience in all types of construction including Class A office, retail, medical, restaurant, and base buildings. It is this experience that allows DCS to prepare accurate preliminary budgets based solely on preliminary plans or even just a simple floor plan. It is vital that our clients have a sense of what their construction costs will be. An accurate preliminary budget helps the client during the final design process. An accurate budget will allow the client to better decide where they want to spend their money (i.e. an upgraded light fixture package higher or lower end casework, ceramic tile vs. VCT). DCS prides itself in providing accurate budgets during the preliminary stage and then making sure that budget is maintained during construction.

Preliminary Construction Schedules
Preliminary construction schedules are very helpful to the client. It allows the client to start planning for the things that are necessary to move from their current location to their new location such as: scheduling telephone and data vendors, furniture vendors, movers etc.

Identify Long Lead Items
In order to prepare an accurate construction schedule you must first be able to identify any long lead items. DCS will identify any potential long lead items and inform the client of there estimated delivery date. We will insure that those items are released in a timely manner so that they do not cause a delay in the final completion of the project. In many circumstances DCS will be able to offer substitute products of equal quality that can reduce the lead time.

Provide Value Engineering
Value engineering is the process of providing the client with both alternate methods of construction as well as alternate building systems. DCS's thorough review of the construction documents allows us to provide the client with such alternatives. DCS strives to ensure that the client is getting the best return for all parts of their project. After thoughtful and diligent analysis of a project, DCS will provide the client with a laundry list of value engineering ideas from which they can choose.

Provide Detailed Bid Proposal
DCS will provide the client with a clear and precise bid proposal. We provide our clients with a complete breakdown of costs by trade. Our proposals also include value engineering ideas the client may want to consider as well as any alternate pricing. In addition, DCS likes to include a construction schedule with each proposal.

Permit Application and Acquisition
DCS has a thorough knowledge of the building permit process as well as a great working relationship with area jurisdictions. These strong relationships are very helpful during the permit process. DCS is very diligent in following up with county or city plan reviewers and we work closely with the design team to ensure any comments are addressed and resubmitted in a timely manner.


Construction Services

DCS's dedicated staff has some 100 + years of combined experience providing high quality cost effective construction services which include:

  • Project supervision
  • Ensure safety standards
  • Ensure code compliance
  • Oversee and schedule inspections
  • Monitor schedule and subcontractor performance
  • Provide activity logs
  • Provide cost control and manage changes
  • Provide client updates

Project Supervision
DCS superintendents are experienced with both base building and interior build-outs. Most of our superintendents have 20 years or more of experience and their jobsite leadership is instrumental in the projects success. Our superintendents are responsible for scheduling subcontractors, quality control, safety standards and completing the project on time

Ensuring Safety Standards
At DCS our # 1 priority on each jobsite is ensuring the safety of our employees as well as our subcontractors, clients and client's vendors. Our superintendents are committed to making sure that everyone on our project is working in a safe manner and that OSHA guidelines are being followed. Here at DCS we provide our superintendents with CPR training as well as OSHA training. In addition we require that our superintendents perform weekly jobsite safety meetings with the subcontractors.

Ensuring Code Compliance
DCS's staff is very knowledgeable of local, state and international building requirements and codes. It is this knowledge that allows us to ensure that the design and methods are in compliance with applicable codes. Ensuring code compliance throughout the construction project enables the inspection process to go smoothly which allows us to maintain the construction schedule.

Oversee and Schedule Inspections
DCS schedules and oversees all building, trade and third party inspections. We inform our subcontractors well in advance of when we will require their inspections. Our superintendents walk the job with the inspectors so they can answer any questions that the inspector may have and address any concerns they may have in a timely manner. DCS values the relationships we have formed with the local county and city inspectors.

Monitor Schedule and Subcontractor Performance
At the start of every project DCS provides a detailed Gantt chart schedule to the client and the subcontractors. Our project managers and superintendents update the schedules weekly to insure that the project remains on track. We review the updated project schedule weekly or even daily with each subcontractor and we insist that each subcontractor meet the dates shown on the schedule. Careful monitoring of the schedule is essential to a successful project.

Provide Activity Logs
Activity logs include submittal logs, RFI logs (Request for Information) and change order logs. The submittal logs document what construction items DCS will be submitting for approval on, the date we received them, the date we submitted to the owner or architect and the date it was approved. RFI logs document the day a request for information was sent to the owner or architect, the date it was answered and the date the answer was sent to the subcontractors. Change order logs document the date that a change was requested, the subcontractors involved, the date the change order proposal was sent to the owner and the date it was approved. DCS updates these logs weekly and provides the owner and architect with the updated logs. The activity logs are an important tool that helps to keep everyone involved updated on materials being used, information being sent out by the architect and budget changes.

Provide Cost Control and Manage Changes
DCS prides itself in our ability to control costs and manage changes for our clients. DCS provides a thorough review of the construction documents prior to submitting a proposal. This thorough review enables us to catch items that may have been missed or overlooked by the design team. We are able to include such items in the original proposal to avoid future change orders after the project has commenced. Even with a detailed design and a thorough review of the plans the client may choose to add or change the design after construction has started. DCS will request pricing for any such change from our subcontractors and we will review the cost carefully and ensure that the client is getting the best possible cost. Once the client has approved the change, we update the change order log and budget and provide the client with both.

Provide Client Updates
Keeping our clients informed and updated on the project is one of our highest priorities at DCS. In addition to providing the client with weekly updated schedules and activity logs, we encourage weekly jobsite meetings with the client. At each meeting we review the previous weeks meeting minutes, discuss new business, review the schedule and review the updated activity logs. For our out of town clients we prepare a weekly job summary and email or fax it to the client for review. We also establish a conference call service where the client, architect, engineer and DCS have a weekly or bi-weekly conference call meeting to discuss the project.

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